Complete kinds of products provide an OVERALL solution.
Complete kinds of products provide an overall solution.
Suzhou King Decoration Material Co.,Ltd is a manufacturing enterprise that is specialized in profiles for floorings as well as other products related to ground paving. Our company imports German production technology, keeps the same quality as German products and takes the leading position in the branch due to top quality standard as well as perfect support of all kind. Various kinds of profiles manufactured by our company can be extensively used in paving of wooden floors, laminated floors, carpets, ceramitic tiles and elastic floor materials. We can provide various products in different materials like aluminium, brass and stainless steel. Surface treatments like anodisation, stastic powder coating, thermal transfer of wood colours, brushing and polishing are also in our range.
  • Extrude profiles according to your drawings
  • Anodisation in diffenrent colours
  • Stastic powder coating in RAL and NCS etc.
  • Thermal transfer of wood colours
  • Mechanical machining like roll forming, brushing,
    polishing, stamping, precise drilling etc.
  • CNC Processing
  • Hot-Melt glue application
  • Silicon application
  • Various assembling & packing solutions
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